Fiestas en Rías Baixas


A land of festivals and celebrations

Gastronomy, history and tradition are part of the 58 events of interest

The small and big festivals held in the province of Pontevedra have perfectly preserved the most deep-rooted traditions of this region. There, you can attend different historical re-enactments and taste the traditional dishes of this land.

Historical, epical, artistic and gastronomic… These great popular celebrations are part of the identity of this land. Fifty of them are declared of Tourist Interest, and seven of them bear the international distinction. Every year, tens of thousands of people come to enjoy these ancestral celebrations.

JANUARY-JUNE (Catalogue in PDF).
JULY - DECEMBER (Catalogue in PDF).

Do not miss any of the 58 Festivals of International Tourist Interest held in As Rías Baixas over the whole year. Click on the maps to discover them and plan your visit.

The Feira do Cocido (Galician stew); the Romaría Vikinga (a commemoration of the arrival of the Vikings in the town); the Arribada (a recreation of the arrival of the caravel La Pinta at Baiona); the Festa da Lamprea (a primitive and tasty fish in the major rivers of the province of Pontevedra); the flower carpets of the Corpus Christi, in Ponteareas; the Rapa das Bestas, in Sabucedo (an event where the manes of the wild horses are cut); and the Festa do Albariño (Albariño white wine festival) are must-visit celebrations in the province of Pontevedra. Nevertheless, there are many more, bearing honorary distinctions at different levels. Good food, traditions, history and lots of fun are guaranteed in these massive events.

Campaigns of gender equality and environmental awareness

Have fun, always respecting the environment, without room for male chauvinism. The Provincial Council of Pontevedra and Turismo Rías Baixas will install stands, with information brochures and other materials, to raise public awareness and prevent sexual aggressions in festivals and large festivals of tourist interest ? campaigns “Lembra, eu decido ti respectas” (Remember, I decide, respect me) and “Conta comigo, eu respéctote (Count on me, I respect you), and to highlight the importance to collect plastics and other waste to protect the planet ? “Somos sostibles” (We are sustainable) and “Fame de SOStibilidade” (Hunger for sostenibility). Leisure and commitment to gender equality and environmental awareness go together in the Rías Baixas Festivals.