Fiestas en Rías Baixas


The mountains and the coastal inlet Ría de Pontevedra mark the beginning and the end of this region characterised by the presence of stone and water. It is worth strolling around its rich inland and coastal landscapes. In fact, the region of Pontevedra has been closely linked to the sea, and a good example of this is Combarro, a seaside village with traditional boats, seaside houses and hórreos (Galician typical granary houses). The town of Pontevedra, capital of As Rías Baixas, is a must-visit. It is a stately town, with a picturesque fishermen’s quarter and pedestrian friendly. In its old town, it is worth visiting the Basilica of Santa María.

The region is home to a rich archaeological heritage, such as the Rock Art Archaeological Park, in the town of Campo Lameiro; the Archaeological Area in A Caeira, in the town of Poio; and the Archaeological Area of Tourón, in Ponte Caldelas. All three still preserve important rock carvings and spectacular sites where one can learn about the ancient history of the province.

And, to round off your visit and take a rest during your trip, you can enjoy the natural landscape of the Castiñeira Lagoon or drive up to the Cotorredondo viewpoint, with panoramic views over the three coastal inlets of the province: Ría de Arousa, Ría de Pontevedra and Ría de Vigo. One should not miss the natural area of the Barosa River.