Fiestas en Rías Baixas

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Livestock farming

Cattle bearing the seal of quality Rías Baixas

Traditional breeding provides delicious meat and cheese

The breed Rubia Galega is the native calf from northwestern Spain. The seal of quality Tenreira Galega identifies the excellence of this veal meat. Besides the Tenreira Galega, pork is also part of the cuisine of As Rías Baixas. Pork is present in a large number of local recipes, such as the cocido (Galician stew), nationally renowned in the town of Lalín; the lacón con grelos (salt cured pork shoulder boiled with turnip tops and potatoes); or the cold meat, such as the ham of A Cañiza, which has been produced for over a century.

The carneiro ao espeto (lamb roasted over an open fire) of Moraña the galo de curral (free-range chicken) of Vila de Cruces or the chicken of Mos are other types of meat that are present in the traditional cuisine of the province of Pontevedra. In addition, delicious cheese under its own Designation of Origin, such as ‘Queixo de Tetilla’ or ‘Queixo Arzúa-Ulloa’, made by hand with natural and full-cream cow milk are products obtained from livestock farming.