Surfing in paradise

As Rías Baixas is an ideal place for surfing. Here, you will find all level waves in breathtaking spots, such as the beaches of A Lanzada, Patos, or the southern coast of the province. Take your board and have fun!

Are you a surfing expert? Are you captivated by the waves and waiting for the perfect opportunity to get on the board for the first time? Be that as it may, the beaches of As Rías Baixas offer you all the options to spend some hours of fun in the water.

The calm sea in summer is ideal for learning in one of the surfing schools of the province of Pontevedra, with experienced teachers who will guide you in your first steps. In other seasons, experienced surfers perform skilful water tricks. You should wear a neoprene suit to get into the sea and enjoy the best waves.

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  • A Lanzada Beach
  • Montalvo Beach
  • Patos Beach
  • Santa María de Oia

The magic of A Lanzada

The isthmus of A Lanzada offers three surfing zones with different characteristics. On the edges, the zones of A Lanzada and Cantalapiedra are ideal for beginners and even for improving your skills. Aeropuerto, in the middle, is suitable for experienced surfers. The beach is located in a magical setting, full of legends, with one of the most important castros (pre-Roman hillforts in Galicia), a majestic shrine and stunning views of the Ons Island.

Halfway between the towns of Sanxenxo and O Grove, you find the stunning beach of A Lanzada, one of the most popular in Galicia, an open-sea beach with waves highly appreciated by surfers and sea sport enthusiasts. In its 2.5 km of sand offers alternatives for all levels.

Patos is a must-visit area in the Ría de Vigo and attracts the most experienced water sport enthusiasts

In Sanxenxo you find the beaches of Foxos , of medium level, and Fontenla, having XXL waves with great storms, more suitable for surfing experts. To the south is Montalvo, one of the best surfing beaches in Galicia, which offers a powerful wave with swell. Also in the same town, the Canelas Beach is suitable for all levels; and Os Mortos, in Areas, is perfect for experienced surfers.

In the Ría de Vigo, one of the best beaches suitable for all levels is Patos, in Nigrán. In addition, the Prado Beach is perfect for beginners. To the right, we find A Cala Beach, which has perfect conditions for surfing, with short but powerful waves. In this area, the peak of Patos, with right waves, has the best swell of the ría. The peak of Monteferro is also a must, with constant left waves of great quality.

The southern coast of the province is an ideal surfing spot, but it is recommended only for experts. To the south of the cove of the Santa María de Oia Monastery, we find a difficult area for surfing, with south wind, fast waves and a rocky coast. In this area, the waves San Francisco, Cantos and F3, or La Salvaje, are quite a challenge.