Discover Vigo from the Porta do Sol

A stroll around the streets of the old town of the biggest city in Galicia and admire stunning views over the coastal inlet Ría de Vigo from O Castro Hill

The Porta do Sol Square, with the original sculpture of O Sereo, in the zero mile of Vigo, serves as the starting point for a tour of the city centre. The itinerary starts in the historical town and ends in O Castro Hill, which offers stunning views over the ría. A stroll through the old town is a must. There, it is recommended to begin at the square Praza da Princesa and walk down to reach the neighbourhood of O Berbés, by the sea, which was the origin of an old fishing town, now a major fishing and naval port.

don´t miss ...

  • A Pedra Market
  • O Castro Hill
  • Nautical Club of Vigo
  • Park of Castrelos

Other important attractions are the streets Rúa dos Cesteiros (The Basketmakers’ Street), full of artisan shops, and Rúa das Ostras (Oysters’ Street), where you can taste this delicious mollusc. The Co-cathedral of Santa María, popularly known as A Colexiata (The Collegiate), which houses the image of the Cristo da Victoria, the most important religious symbol of the city, is also worth a visit.

Galician art

If you are an art enthusiast, a good option is the Franscisco Fernández del Riego Art Gallery (street Rúa Abeleira Menéndez), which gathers an important collection of Galician contemporary artists such as Laxeiro, Colmeiro, Quessada o Castelao, among others. And, if you are a nature lover, it is recommended to visit the interpretation centre of the Atlantic Islands National Park of Galicia (street Rúa da Palma).

A perfect viewpoint

The steep streets of Vigo will really put you to the test, but the reward is unbeatable. The O Castro Hill, in the heart of the city, offers stunning views. On the top is the old castle, boasting beautiful gardens and an amazing viewpoint where you can admire the city of Vigo, at the bottom, and the Cíes Islands, in the background.

Mirador Castro de Vigo

The Porta do Sol square is also the entrence to the Rúa do Príncipe, the city’s most important commercial street, where the Contemporary Art Museum of Vigo (MARCO) is located.

From the same square you can head to the street Rúa Policarpo Sanz and the Avenida García Barbón, both in the Ensanche, an area of expansion in the late 19th century which boasts stately buildings such as El Moderno, the García Barbón Theatre, the Casa das Artes (Home of the Arts), the Casa Bárcena or the Casa Odriozola.

If you have some spare time, it is worth going to the Park of Castrelos, another must-visit in Vigo. There, besides walking through its gardens, you can visit the Pazo Quiñones de León , a manor house donated by the Marquis of Valladares in 1924, and which today hosts the municipal museum.

If you start at the street Rúa Policarpo Sanz and pass through the street Rúa de Colón towards the sea, you reach the area of the Nautical Club and A Laxe, perfect to enjoy a pleasant stroll.

In Vigo, you can also admire a large number of street art works. The tour of street art comprises about a hundred works painted on dividing walls and public buildings all around the city.

    Pazo Quiñones de León
    García Barbón Theater
    Co-cathedral of Santa María
    O Berbés
    Contemporary Art Museum (MARCO)
    Pazo Quiñones de León